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    Buy Cheap ED Generic Pills Online

    Erection - penis augmentation in volume in comparison with a rest condition (approximately three times) and acquisition of the mechanical hardness necessary for introduction in a vagina and providing carrying out of sexual intercourse by it.

    Erection along with an ejaculation - one of the most characteristic phenomena of man's sexuality who owing to the symbolical character given to it is taken as a principle drugs for ed cult. One of the basic paradoxes of an erection in its extreme sensitivity to any to functional psychoinjuring influences contrary to that fact that from all basic implications of man's sexuality of an erection differ the greatest security from damaging factors of the organic nature and the greatest stability (for example, in an erection ontogenesis are taped long before a libido, an ejaculation and an orgasm).

    Erection - the is reflex-vascular certificate; its vascular nature has been proved more 200 years ago by the Dutch anatomist and physiologist Pene де the Count. Having applied the technique of an injection in contrast mass of vessels of a corpse, it has proved that at the heart of an erection filling of cavernous bodies of a penis by a blood, instead of a clump in them of air as believed Galen lies. Some authors, in particular Itapp (1883), identified the vasculomotor mechanism of an erection with venous stagnation, believing that at the heart of an erection the difficulty of outflow of a blood on the taking away veins of a penis squeezed lukovichno-peshcheristoj and sedalishchno-peshcheristymi by muscles which operate like the lever lies, the vascular effect amplifies purely mechanical buy cheap erectile dysfunction pills online a member. To similar allowance, however, contradicted both duration of an erection, and absence of the unpleasant sensations accompanying passive stagnation at overlaying of a garrot on an extremity, and local rise in temperature observed at an erection instead of the dropping noted at stagnation. Having applied experiment on dogs a penis sphygmography in a combination with cheap generic ed pills record of levels of intravascular pressure on arterial and venous sites, François Frank has proved that the basic mechanism of an erection makes intensifying of arterial inflow, and outflow retardation on veins plays only auxiliary role. From curves analyzed by it appears that pressure increases at first in arteries, and only after that in veins. And, at last, Legro a dressing of veins at a penis root has shown that the difficulty of venous outflow can cause only some swelling of cavernous bodies very far from the present erection.

    Under the description of the vascular mechanism of the erection, the left L.Ja.Jakobzonom "the Blood at an erection operates not as the continuous mass of a liquid which are under the big pressure, and is distributed on numerous clefts of cavernous bodies; the reason of it consists, on visible, in stretching and breaking off force which is shown in a cover of any bubble owing to pressure existing in it... This circumstance it is possible, possibly, to explain that remarkable phenomenon that member can reach the hardness probably exceeding density of an aorta though he is obliged by this hardness to pressure of a blood, which, however, in an aorta above". And it is valid, as has proved the Lavan, arterial pressure in cavernous bodies at an erection reaches pressure in a carotid. One more paradox of the mechanism of an erection which consists that the limiting rigidity giving to cavernous bodies at height of an erection ligneous density, is reached by putting off of a muscular spastic stricture is thus taped

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    In addition to told it is necessary to mention the radial drafts described by Eksnerom arising at an erection which promote disclosing of a lumen of an urethra.

    A series of essential differences in buy ed drugs cavernous bodies of a penis on the one hand and a cavernous body of an urethra with another (under the relative maintenance of muscular and elastic fibers, power order generic ed medications covers, to a locating of muscular fascicles and cavernous lacunas), have forced many researchers, including Dickinson and A.I.Tjukova to spend differentiation between actually buy ed pills with the first delivery cavernous bodies of a penis and a spongiform paraurethral body of an urethra.

    The specified differences are shown that the cavernous body of an urethra and consequently, and a balanus even at erection height appear less intense that frames more favorable conditions for seed passage through an urethra and gives to a balanus a role of the buffer softening cheap for ed online of female genitals: "the Erectile tissue of a head of a member always remains soft and pliable though it is enlarged at an erection in volume;

    Noted elasticity of a head facilitates its penetration into a vagina and warns possibility of damages. It also protects the pointed and rigid extremities of cavernous bodies of a penis as from reception of destructions (at casual collision with firm bodies), and from causing of traumas at their means"

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    Caen named the mechanism of an erection triumph of a bodily machinery, surpass which any engineer can't to hope: soft tissues turn to a body different by limiting hardness; this condition is supported for a long time, without causing burdensome sensations; blood inflow is counterbalanced by corresponding outflow (' at blood flow augmentation through cavernous bodies in 6-8 times); six glandular formations cooperate first delivery, maintaining strictly adjusted rhythm and sequence, and thus in the middle of the structure framed by an elevated pressure there is an unhindered passage for a seed liquid.

    As notes L.Ja.Jakobzon, overflow of a member by a blood at an erection extends and on a webby part of an urethra, a seed hillock and a bladder neck. It is thus noticed that the strong erection does an urination impossible or extremely it complicates. Weber explained it a swelling of a seed hillock which ostensibly fills all lumen of a prostatic part of an urethra and, thus, closes it. However, under Walker's fair remark if it was so it would be not clear how at full closing of the urethral channel the seed and secrets of seed blisters and a prostate get into it. Further Walker has shown that the seed hillock at erectile pills to buy online its vessels doesn't block a lumen of the urethral channel. Actually, as it was shown by X-ray inspections of Tsejslja and Holtsknehta, the urination at an erection is interfered by consensual reduction of an internal sphincter of a bladder.

    The reflex nature of an erection has been proved in 1839 to Brashe, the received peripheric boring of a member at an animal with the cut spinal cord as an erection, and an ejaculation. Then Ekhard has caused in experiment in a dog an erection a direct boring, and also has shown loss of possibility of reception of an erection by a tactile stimulation of a penis after a section. P.V.Nikolsky having confirmed the data of the precursors, hasn'ted active reduction of vessels of a penis after a section and offensive of an erection as a result of a boring of their distal pieces (rate of an effluence of drops of a blood from the cut cavernous bodies thus was enlarged). Frank has shown that vasomotor nerves of a penis originate not only from generic for ed drugs roots as it has been described by Ekhardom, but also from the branches going from them. Under its data, vasomotor ed pills online buying the penis apparatus occurs from cheap pills online without prescription and lumbar departments. Buy drugs online compared action on a penis to action on heart: during rest, in the absence of sex excitation, a penis artery are in a condition of the average reduction supported by a tonus of fine nerve ganglions which presence was proved by Leven; in the situations causing sex excitation, impulses from cerebral levels, influencing finally parasympathetic fibers, lead to that erectile dysfunction cheapest the reduced arteries of a penis extend also a plentiful wave of a blood joins a vascular network of cavernous bodies, filling and stretching the last. In situations, adverse for sexual implications, and also upon termination of sexual intercourse, nervous impulses, on the contrary, arrive on a sympathetic final way and through a hypogastric plexus influence the vasoconstrictors of a penis suppressing an erection. Thus, the peripheric ganglions located in a boundary sympathetic trunk, bottom mesenteric, hypogastric and other plexuses, are "centers" of the vascular tonus which level of activity in various situations that raises goes down, buy pills online with great sale and get discount to that as influence of a vagus nerve on activity of warm knots changes. Being based on the experimental data, Goltts has come to a conclusion that the brain represents the highest authority integrating by means of the intercentral nervous ways all "the lowest mechanically-reflex centers", rapprochements carrying out only "manual labor".

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    Usually, the ejaculation is the short-term reflex certificate. It includes numerous levels of nervous regulation the Ejaculation, from a position of nervous system, can happen on two cases. The first especially because of influences from the central nervous system. For example, a nocturnal emission. Nocturnal emissions are identical in a youth and at the men abstaining from sexual life. They grow out of erotic stimulus in the absence of a masturbation or sexual intercourse. The second type is a combination of a boring of local receptors of a penis and sensations of the central nervous system. It is a typical ejaculation with which men are most familiar.

    The ejaculation is parted on various stages. Sex stimulation and a friction provide impulses which arrive through spinal ways to a brain. The independent nervous system stimulates sympathetic nerves, causing compression of man's auxiliary genitals, including deferent ducts, a prostate, and seed blisters. Contents of all additional genitals are admixed at an ejaculation and by jerks with an interval of 0,6-0,8 seconds are transported in an urethra. The ejaculation occurs after muscle compression bulbocavernosus, advancing a semen from a penis.